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The Model Rigid Hose Loading Assembly for Bottom Loading is especially suitable where crossover of 3 or more Arms is required.
This unique design was first introduced to eliminate the expensive "U" configuration which falls short of the overall requirements of the basic API envelope. The Loader can be stored in a limited out of service position and is not subject to possible vehicle damage. Arm lenghts can be modified to meet customer requirements. The Model 95FS Base Swivel Joint is normally supplied in Carbon Steel with Dual Flame Hardened Raceways for maximum service life. The Torsion Spring Counterbalance Assembly can be field adjusted for varying conditions. A maximum vertical angle of 85 degreesis recommended for ease of action
All Internal Bolts, Nuts, and Gaskets are supplied. The Model is also available as a Vapor Arm.


SIZE 3" 4" 6" x 4"
A 90 90 90
B 20 21 21
C 82 82 82
D 10 7/8 13 3/4 17 7/8
E 69 67 67
H 20 24 28
J 11 1/8 14 3/4 20 3/8