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Internal Floating Roof Seal System.

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K-Float's superior Floating Roof design is the most effective way of reducing vapor evaporation and VOC(Volatile Organic Compound) emission to atmosphere, thus contributing to environmental protection, fire hazard prevention as well as saving a great deal of money that could be wasted by the loss of product through evaporation

Advantage of K-Float Floating Roof(Meeting API 650 Appendix H Standard)

  • Highly effetive vapor tight design
  • Wide range of storage applications
  • Buoyant enough to support more than twice its dead weight
  • Superior chemical resistance(100% aromatic)
  • Strong perimeter seal
  • Using sheet metal clamping


K-Float offers various tank seal systems for any specific service requirement including single, double wiper seals and form log seals. In addition, many different elastomer seal materials compatible to most petroleum and chemical applications are also available.

K-Float Roof Seal System

KFIS-1 And 2:Single And Double Wedge Wiper Seal

KFIS-3 Single Wedge Wiper Seal with Primary Form Seal

KFIS-M:Mechanical Shoe Seal